Easiest League Management Software EVER

More time for play and strategy, less busywork from paperwork and management. Sign me up!.

Instant Stat Updates

Update league-wide player and game stats as they happen. Goodbye calculators and spreadsheets!.

Make Schedule Changes on the Fly

Create, cancel, or schedule games in the time it takes your nacho cheese to melt in the microwave.

Talk Smack or Pat on the Back with Instant Notifications

Send messages to players, managers and league commissioners, or justtelldeflated football jokes all day.

Seamlessly Integrate with Facebook and Twitter

Cut-and-pasting your messages to different social platforms is quicker than Usain Bolt running the 100.

FFreedom, Braveheart style

Brisco is FREE for all League Members and ALWAYS will be. Now that’s FREEEEDOOOOMMMMM!.

Most Difficult Software You’ll Ever Used

Just kidding. We’ve done for league management what LeBron James did for basketball: made it look EASY.

Stats & Standings Updated for You

Drop the numbers in during the game and everything updates instantly. So long, Excel!.

Simple User Hierarchies

Like a well-played zone defense, everyone is organized and their roles are easily defined.

Unlimited Leagues, Teams, and Users

Nothing stands between you and the growth of your league. Add as many leagues, teams and users as you fancy!.

Easiest Scheduling You’ll Ever Do

We wrote the playbook on scheduling. Get it done faster and get back to what’s important: winning!.

Automated Billing, Fast Registration

Registration is easy and billing is a flash. Now, if only we could get this kind of hustle from the Dallas Cowboys….


An App Created by Sport’s Fans, for Sport’s Fans.

Some of us volunteered to manage our leagues. Others drew the wrong straw. And others still are paid to keep it all together. The one thing that holds us all together is our love for sports. We believe in spending more time playing and coaching the games we love, and less time managing them. Watch the video to learn more!.

The Proof Is In the Screenshots

We’re sports fans. We keep it simple.

Carry your League in your Pocket.

Sports and freedom go together like football and pre-game tailgaters. That’s why we’ve made it easy to manage your entire sport’s league on the fly, right from your smartphone, with our mobile app.


Communicate to Players, Teams, Coaches and Entire Leagues.

Brisco League Management is an entire sport’s ecosystem at your fingertips. It’s like having everyone that matters under one big stadium roof.


Add, Remove, and Track Player Registrations.

You don’t have time to sign up every person in your league. And Brisco makes it so you don’t have to. League members sign up for free and create their own profiles—done!.


Manage and Store Documents, Waivers, Equipment Sign Outs, and More

The best use for file cabinets that we’ve found is target practice. Upload all those important sport’s docs to Brisco and then take that lump of steel to the shooting range.



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