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Existing Customer Questions

What exactly is Brisco Systems?

You want to spend time on the field or court, not sitting in front of a desk trying to keep track of players, stats, and next week’s game. With Brisco Systems league management software, everything is automated and done for you. Stats you enter are automatically tallied up, games can be scheduled and rescheduled in seconds, and announcements can be written up in an instant. It takes the monotony and the work out of the equation, leaving nothing between you and the game you love.

Is there anything to install, and if so, what are the system requirements?

Great news: you don’t need to install a thing! Our league management system is completely cloud based, meaning you can access it from anywhere on any computer, tablet, or smartphone as long as you have an internet connection.

Who will get the most use out of this software?

A little league coach who is tired of sending out endless email reminders to parents, a college director running an intramural program with many different sports, or a church with various athletic leagues—any one of these individuals or groups could benefit from having Brisco Systems on hand.

How secure is Brisco Systems, and does it have privacy settings?

The short answers to both questions are “very much so,” and “most definitely.” First off, Brisco Systems is entirely cloud based. That means everything is stored safely and securely in a private data housing facility. You’ll need a password even to log onto your own Brisco Systems homepage.

Secondly, Brisco Systems is built from the ground up to manage many different players, teams, leagues, parents, coaches, administrators, and on and on. Once you add an individual into a specific group, they can only see what you want them to see. The announcement and messaging system is also robust enough to send out reminders to all leagues, a group of board members, or an individual player.

What sports can be tracked and managed on the Brisco Systems website?

Brisco Systems lets you track and manage all of your favorite sports! Some of our most popular sports include baseball, hockey, soccer, and basketball but the site also lets you keep track of stats for football, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and many, many more!

Should I be worried if you didn’t list my sport in the last question?

Not at all! Brisco Systems is incredibly versatile. As long as you have a team and a desire to track stats and crunch numbers, then this is the league management system for you—regardless of whether you’re managing a badminton tournament, running a dodge ball league, or coaching a neighborhood stickball team

What makes Brisco Systems different from the other league management software out there?

Brisco Systems has three main benefits that other league management systems just don’t have:

One: Getting started with us is easy. There’s no lengthy setup guide and no confusion the first time you log in. Everything that you need is right there in front of you, and within minutes you’re prepped for the next big game.

Two: We keep things simple. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time making our software intuitive—so you get to spend less time trying to figure it all out.

Three: Few league management systems are as capable as Brisco Systems at handling multiple teams within a league. Our league management system really is for leagues, with all of the tools necessary to handle them.

What does it cost to use our league management software?

Brisco Systems is a subscription-based service. Payments are made either monthly or annually, and there are multiple monthly plans to choose from. You can visit our plans here.

Where can I download the Brisco Systems app?

Brisco Systems league management is available on both the iTunes store and Google Play, and works on all Android and iOS devices.

Can upgrade to premium package?

There is no limit to the amount of teams or users you can add to our system. Brisco’s subscriptions are based on the number of leagues you have, not teams or players. Best of all, Brisco has no limit to the amount of leagues you can add either, as long as you select the right subscription plan.

How does Brisco Systems stack up against other League management software like Team Snap and League Apps?

Sure we’re biased—but hey, we have good reason to be! Brisco Systems isn’t just easier to set up than a lot of the other league management systems out there, it’s also less time consuming to access and maintain. Our plans are less expensive without cutting back on value. And for any questions you may have, we have a world class support network ready to answer them. So by our standards, we’d say we stack up pretty darn well!